A Review Of Bernstein Weight Loss Clinic

If you want a weight-loss program that's safe and effective, consulting a doctor is the best action to take. If you're from Canada, Florida and Virginia, a good place to visit for your weight loss concerns are the Dr. Bernstein Health & Diet Clinics. The Bernstein Clinic promises to help you in your weight loss dreams.

The Bernstein Clinic weight loss program are handled by health professionals, doctors and nurses who have the expertise to properly handle your case. By assessing you situation, their medical staff can properly administer the right medication, diet plans and exercise programs just for you. They can also track your progress and see how the program works as well as how much weight you are losing on it.

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The Berstein Clinic's weight loss program promises quick results in just a week. They promise huge weight loss (16 to 20 pounds a month) to those who are interested in trying out their program. Indeed, there are many former patients of the clinic who have lost a great deal of weight in such a short time period. One former patient even claimed to have lost 159.2 pounds in just 8 months.

The secret of the program lies in their prescription of a diet that stimulates the body to break down fat that is faster than normal. They do not advocate starvation diets so you would be getting the adequate nutrition that your body needs. The Bernstein Clinic weight loss program promises that you would only lose fatty issue and not the vital proteins, electrolytes and muscle tissue which our bodies need. Their program also involves behavior modification therapy and vitamin and mineral supplements.

The Bernstein Clinic's weight loss program is also safe and effective for people suffering from Once you've reached your target weight, the clinic also provides a maintenance plan to keep their patients' weights off.

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