The Truth About Herbal Weight Loss

Many people who failed in their weight loss efforts by using exercise programs or diet plans are now turning to herbal weight loss products to help them achieve their dream of losing weight. They visit website after website looking for the best herbal weight loss product. The reality however is that the Food and Drug Administration would rarely approve an herbal weight loss product or supplement for sheer ineffectiveness or its possible dangerous side effects.

This does not people though from looking for the best herbal weight loss product.

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These products or supplements contain ingredients taken from Mother Nature that would supposedly induce weight loss. Here are some the most common ingredients found in those products that claim to be the "best herbal weight loss product."

1. St. John's Wort - This is a type of herb that is able to suppress one's appetite, thus allowing less food intake. Risks include allergic reactions, insomnia, and fatigue. However, it is found in a few doctor-prescribed diet medications.

2. Ephedra - Derived from ephedrine, it is believed to suppress one's appetite just like St. John's Wort. It was banned by the FDA in 2004 for "concerns over cardiovascular effects including increased blood pressure and irregular heart rhythm."

3. Ginkgo biloba - Gingko Biloba originates from the Chinese Gingko tree. Supposedly it aids in the body's blood circulation and boost one's metabolism. Side effects include headaches, bleeding, and vomiting.

4. Yerba mate (Brazilian tea) - Like all the other products mentioned here, Yerba Mate claims to boost energy and suppress one's appetite. The energy component comes from the large amounts of caffeine, which increases one's heart rate leading to headaches.

Does this mean that the best herbal weight loss product doesn't actually exist? This is a difficult claim to make certain but green tea comes close. Green tea is proved to be safe for weight loss for its ability to increase one's metabolism and also for having fat-burning components.

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