Healthy Weight Loss - Time To Get Moving!

Healthy weight loss is a preoccupation of over 50% of all adult North Americans. The weight loss industry is making billions of dollars yearly by promising the latest and fastest miracle solution. Most diet pills and miracle diets have proven to be inefficient in the long run. The situation is so dramatic that some people are even ready to undergo dangerous surgeries and undermine their lifelong health.

Healthy weight loss can only be achieved through getting back to the basics: eating healthy unprocessed food low in fat and sugar and exercising regularly. A valuable lesson is to be learned by looking around in nature. Most animals eat only to their hunger foods that are good for them and move around. The only obese animals are the ones human beings have polluted with the unhealthy eating habits: our domestic cats and dogs.

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Losing weight is easier than the weight loss industry wants to show it. A person just has to eat to her hunger healthy fresh fruits, vegetables and a good source of protein. Before starting a healthy weight loss program by eating sensibly an exercising regularly, a person must consult her physician to get the proper examination and tests.

Healthy weight loss can then be started by getting moving. It makes no sense to force oneself to go to a gym and do exercises she hates when she could participate in so many activities she would truly enjoy. Such fun activities can be walking while listening to music with a cool beat on an MP3 player. The good thing a bout walking is that it requires minimal investment (everyone has a pair of shoes) and can be done anywhere.

Another good way to exercise while losing weight the healthy way is by participating in a sport with another person. The expression "the more the merrier" really applies when it comes to do outdoor activities. By engrossing into a nice competition, time spend exercising will pass very fast. An important complement of a good exercises program is to drink plenty of cool, refreshing water to compensate for the one lost and also to help eliminate all the toxins.

Healthy weight loss can also be continued while traveling. Most hotels now offer gyms that are opened during extended hors to accommodate those who want to stay in good shape.

A good healthy weight loss program also includes a solid muscle building and reinforcing part. Although it is a good thing to get slimmer, one must also aim at getting healthier and stronger by building their muscle mass.

The hardest part of starting a healthy weight loss program by eating right and exercising regularly is not the first step. Most people excel at taking good resolutions and signing-up to a gym or buying the latest sport equipment. What separates successful people from the ones who fail repeatedly is consistency. Hence, when a person feels discouraged or wants to give-up her new found healthy weight loss habits, she needs to realize that long-term results will be her best rewards.

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