Your Weight Loss Begins Now!

Losing weight is far from easy, though very simple. Simple how? Weight loss consists of one small, never-changing dynamic. You must burn more calories than you consume to begin seeing results. Use food as energy and you will lose weight.

How is this done? Well, again it's not easy, especially since (if you're currently overweight) you've been traveling on a certain path that contains a few bad habits. Bad weight loss habits.

Maybe you exercise but can't seem to knock out those late night snacks. Maybe you eat the right foods, but you eat too much of them. There can be a variety of reasons, but I like this next one the best: You'd read a diet book written by a "guru" and then tried to mimic his advice, but found that to be impossible.

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You probably lost a few pounds and then gained those pounds plus a few pounds more, back. Bad weight loss advice seems to be an epidemic these days.

Why can't somebody make this any easier? They can, and I will.

Here are some "lose weight now" rules:

Begin a new weight loss program, but not one that stretches you too far from your current daily schedule. Try cutting back some extra food and eliminating dessert for a few days.

Try consuming more water. The more you drink, the less your body will hold. Weight loss is a dehydration process anyway. 10 to 12 cups daily will work.

Walk. That's right, just a few minutes a day, either on a treadmill or outside. But walk. Try going for a 20-minute stroll after dinner at least 5 days a week.

And finally, think about how well your weight loss progress is going everyday. Even if you're struggling, congratulate yourself. Show appreciation for yourself and what you are going to accomplish.

Weight loss isn't easy. It takes time. Never put undo stress on yourself mentally or physically at the beginning of any weight loss endeavor. Stay within yourself. Perform what you can and then add more activities as you go. Set yourself up to succeed, not fail.

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