Your Supreme Weight Loss

Supreme weight loss begins in the brain. It starts as a small desire, an itch. A pair of pants don't fit as well as they used to. The itch grows into an impulse, and the impulse into an urge. You've got a nagging feeling that won't leave you alone.

One day you take a good long look in the mirror and say, "What the heck happened?"

You realize you need to lose a few pounds. Perhaps even more than a few pounds.

Suddenly you need to revamp your lifestyle, you think, "I need lose mega-weight in a hurry!" This "need" always happens in a hurry. Jump on the weight loss bandwagon and do something big. Turn your life around. And you can.

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Supreme weight loss occurs only with a consistent weight loss effort that stays within the boundaries of your current abilities. That goes for diet, exercise and mental preparation. You can only do what you're capable of, nothing more.

If you realize this one true fact at the outset of your weight loss beginnings, then you're chance of supreme weight loss is greatly increased.

You begin any weight loss endeavor with a certain amount of aptitude for what needs to occur. Maybe you're good at running, but you need help with resistance training.

It would be ridiculous to assume that you will be able to tighten and re-mold your body overnight. Perhaps you can cut out the saturated fats, but you have a sweet tooth that is tough to get on top of. Perhaps you've never written down a goal in your life.

These are things to work on. They take effort. You can only expect good results in relation to your current abilities. Weight loss is like any other activity. Good results take good skill, and hard work.

Your first goal, then, must be to take personal stock, being honest with yourself, and decide where you need to improve. Where are you good? Where are you weak? Hint: we are all weak at something.

From there, take the steps necessary to get better at the key tasks. Simply learn the things you to learn. Learn by doing, by taking action. A consistent effort will be needed. Consistency creates momentum.

And momentum, once begin, is one tough force to stop. But the beauty is this: your supreme weight loss is waiting on the other side of momentum.

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