Visualization For Weight Loss Success

The mental process behind dieting and weight loss is as important, if not more important, than the actual eating and dieting part of the process. The reason being that everything comes from your thoughts and without the right thoughts, the right action and results can never manifest.

Visualization is a very powerful tool in creating the correct mindset for permanent weight loss, but one that is rarely used by dieters to help their weight loss. In fact, most dieters DO use visualization, but they use it to visualize themselves struggling and failing at their diet whilst being miserable.

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And guess what ... these dieters are miserable and unhappy on their diets because they have made the whole weight loss process painful and more difficult than it really needs to be.

Your mind is an incredibly powerful device that scientists are still learning about and understanding. Currently there is a lot of research into the power of the mind and visualization, particularly in relation to enhancing sports and business performance.

Visualization is, in its simplest form, where you imagine in your mind yourself doing something. It can also be called Mental Rehearsal, and is used by sales professionals and speakers before they perform.

Applying this technique to weight loss is very simple. Imagine yourself at your ideal weight and size. See the picture of yourself in your mind, but don't see it as if you are watching someone else, see it as if you were seeing it from your own eyes, e.g. see yourself in a mirror.

As well as seeing yourself, feel the feelings of being your idea weight and size. Feel how good it is, how much you enjoy it and how great it is to be this ideal weight. Maybe feel and see yourself fitting into new clothing, receiving admiring looks or whatever it takes to help you feel fantastic about being your ideal weight.

Whilst visualizing, feel how easy and effortless it was to achieve your ideal weight. Doing this will take you away from that painful dieting mindset, which does you no good at all.

By visualizing yourself at your ideal weight in an associated (i.e. through your own eyes) state you are programming yourself to be that weight. You will find that unconsciously you begin to eat less, exercise more and look after yourself just from visualizing yourself at your ideal weight.

Visualization is an incredibly powerful tool that will help you with your weight loss program. Use it to help you effortlessly lose weight and enjoy life at your ideal size.

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