The Truth About Shock Acupuncture Weight Loss

Diet fads--they come and go, just like fashion trends. There has been a lot of new ways to lose weight nowadays ranging from something seemingly normal like going on an all-protein diet, to something seemingly ridiculous like having your ear stapled. It doesn't end there because now, there is such a thing as shock acupuncture weight loss.

Be shocked to lose weight

Shock acupuncture weight loss has a lot of varieties. It may come in the form of having to experience shock when you are under an acupuncture procedure, or having the doctor attach a tiny device close to your stomach wall's lining. This device emits electric pulses to slow down the muscle contractions that force the food down your digestive tract to trick your body into thinking that it is still full.

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Having your ear stapled

This type of weight loss regimen has been around for quite a long time already, but you may be thinking that you haven't heard of this type of weight loss technique before. It is because the government requires that this procedure is to be done only by licensed acupuncturists. Still, there are a lot of back-alley clinics that offers this procedure to be done. The process goes like this: a surgically-thin staple wire is placed onto your ear cartilage. According to acupuncture practices, your ears, just like any other part of your body, has pressure points, and this staple's purpose is to trigger the point that stops cravings. This method has been used for smokers and heroin addicts to make them stop their bad habits.

Undergoing shock

When you experience this kind of shock acupuncture for weight loss, doctors say that this is mostly psychological. This phenomenon is also known as "needle shock", which happens when there is an unexpected drop in the patient's blood pressure upon getting punctured. According to Chinese medicine, this is due to the tension patients feel when they are hungry, nervous, fatigued, or simply when they are positioned wrongly when undergoing procedure that involves having their bodies pierced for medical purposes. Other symptoms of needle shock involves paleness, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, vertigo and palpitations.

While this type of weight loss treatment works for other people, it is still best to maintain a proper diet and exercise regularly if you really want to lose weight.

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